Spanishviaskype 2021 new features are here! Last week we reviewed some of the articles on our blog during the last year. Now it’s time to look at the future and learn more about our news for 2021.

We have been working on Spanishviaskype 2021 new features with the help of our students’ opinions and feedback. So, we hope our news will be convenient and interesting for you. Let’s start:

Spanishviaskype 2021 New Features: New Online Level Tests

In January we’ll launch our new online level tests (from A1 to B1). You just need to register on the test website. Then, you will receive an email with the instructions to generate a password. Finally, you need to log in and start your level test. When you finish the test, you will be able to see your results and your teacher can evaluate your evolution and decide whether you are ready to pass to the next level or not. These exams, which will be taken when you finish your current level, consist of 4 sections: use of the language, reading and listening comprehension, and speaking interaction. Once you reach your level, you will get a certificate.

Spanishviaskype Certificate of level

Spanish via Skype… but via Teams, Meet or Zoom, Too

Spanishviaskype 2021 new features can’t turn a blind eye on the last trends. As we explained some weeks ago, due to the popularization of video calling apps (Teams, Google Meet or Zoom), because of the lockdown imposed in many countries, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some students asked us to use these platforms instead of Skype. No problem! We will adapt to your needs, so, if you prefer to use another video calling system, just notify your teacher.  



Spanishviaskype 2021 New Features: Personal Study Program

From the 1st of January, we will provide a Personal Study Program to the new students who start being part of our “little family”. This program will show which aspects of our language they want to work on, the mistakes they usually make when they speak Spanish (their teacher will find them during the trial lesson) and our suggestions, so that they can achieve their communication objectives in the Spanish language. This is, maybe, one of the most requested Spanishviaskype 2021 new features.

Spanishviaskype Personal Study Program

Updating Prices for the First Time!

In 2021, we’re updating our prices (adult fees only). For the first time in 8 years! A slight rise of 5%. However, you know that if you purchase blocks of classes, the price is quite affordable. In addition to this, throughout the year, there will be different promotions.

As you can see, we start this year full of Spanishviaskype 2021 new features. Now, it’s time to learn Spanish! Reserve a trial lesson here! More services and more convenient.