Heat is a typical sensation of summer that surrounds us and invites us to look for ways to cool off. There are idioms about heat in Spanish that reflect different aspects of this sensation. In this article, we will explore some idioms that capture the essence of heat. Join us on this linguistic journey and discover their burning meaning.

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Idioms about Heat in Spanish: Hace un calor de justicia

This idiomatic expression about heat is used to emphasize that this sensation is extremely intense. The expression de justicia suggests that the heat is so strong that it seems like a punishment or a sentence imposed by justice. It is commonly used to describe situations in which the heat is oppressive and significantly affects daily activities.

Hoy no se recomienda salir a la calle. Hace un sol de justicia.



Sudar la gota gorda

We use this idiom in Spanish when someone is sweating profusely due to heat or intense physical activity. The term gota gorda refers to a large, heavy drop of sweat that falls from the body due to heat. By saying that someone suda la gota gorda, we are indicating that the person is sweating heavily and intensely. This expression is also used figuratively to refer to difficult or challenging situations in which someone is working hard.

No puedo correr más. Estoy sudando la gota gorda.

Está que arde

This expression is used to literally describe a situation in which the heat is so intense that it seems that everything is about to catch fire. However, it can also be used metaphorically to indicate that a situation or conversation is very tense or violent. On the other hand, it can also be used to describe a person who is very angry.

Este mes hay elecciones a la presidencia de la nación. La cosa está que arde.

Idioms about Heat in Spanish: Tener sangre caliente

We can use this expressionto refer to someone who is very emotional or impulsive. It implies that the person has a passionate personality and reacts quickly with intense emotions.

No podemos discutir con el jefe. Tiene sangre caliente y nunca sabes cómo va a reaccionar.

Remember that these idioms about heat in Spanish are used in informal and colloquial contexts to describe intense heat and its effects. Incorporating them into your vocabulary will enrich your mastery of Spanish and allow you to express your heat-related experiences in a more natural way.

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