Frequently asked questions

Booking classes with us is very easy. It takes 3 minutes:

1. Go to our booking system.

2. Choose the class program it suits you best

3. Choose one of our teachers

4. Select the desired date and time

5. Sign up / Log in

6. Checkout (credit card or Pay Pal) – If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please let us know ( and we will provide you with our bank account details.

If you buy block of classes you have 12 months to enjoy them, which is easy if you´re interested in improving your Spanish. You must have these classes within this time; otherwise they will not be valid and the money will not be refunded.

Our prices include all training materials, our Spanish level test, email correspondence with your teacher and regular ongoing evaluations.
You can reserve at a time as many classes as you want. Our booking system allows you to add different kind of classes to your shopping cart. Please, review your booking details before you make any payment.

You can reserve a class 24 hours before the lesson begins.

You can reserve classes up to 20 days prior.

You can pay for your classes in three different ways:

  • Credit card:You can choose this option right after you book a class.
  • Pay Pal:You can choose this option right after you book a class.
  • Bank transfer:You don’t need to access to our class timetable. It must include your first and last name. If you don’t want to wait for your funds to arrive to our account in order to keep booking your classes, please send a copy of the bank transfer receipt to me. Our bank details are as follows:
  • Bank name: ING Direct
  • Bank Identifier Code (BIC): INGDESMMXXX
  • International Bank Account Number (IBAN): ES42 1465 0100 95 1752763955
  • Bank account holder: Ángel Roncero Lozano
  • Address: Adva. Fernando Calzadilla, 17, 8 Dcha. – Badajoz – 06004 Spain

You can reschedule a class 24 hours in advance. You need to go to the Customer Area,  sign in, and click on ‘Your bookings’, select the class and click on “change” buttons (at the right) in order to change the date, the time, the teacher or the class program you chose previously.

You can cancel a class 24 hours in advance. You need to go to the Customer Area, sign in, and click on ‘Your bookings’, select the class and click on “cancel my booking” (at the bottom).

Of course. The teacher will explain anything you don´t understand in English for as long as is necessary, but don´t worry because you´ll soon be able to express yourself in Spanish.
No you don´t. You just need to have a few basic skills. The Skype program is very simple (you can download this tutorial).

Yes, it’s based on the Syllabus of the Instituto Cervantes, which develops and sets the guidelines for Spanish in accordance with the recommendations that, at the time, were proposed by the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) of the Council of Europe:

A1. – Beginner. Introductory level.
A2. – Basic. Survivor level (basic knowledge).
B1. – Low Intermediate (limited comprehension and oral production).
B2. – Upper Intermediate (improved comprehension and oral production).
C1. – High level. Competent user level (good comprehension and oral production).
C2. – Advanced level. Good user level (excellent fluency).

Yes. We can provide you with an end-of-course certificate when you finish your classes.

Yes, during the classes the student will receive texts in Spanish (news items, articles, interviews, song lyrics, transcriptions of videos etc.) on which the teacher and student will work together. Moreover, at the end of each class homework will be set for the student so that you can practice at home what you have seen in class that week (you can email it to the teacher for correction and the teacher will email it back). All this is included in the price of the classes.

If the break in communication is due to technical difficulties in the student´s computer or Internet connection SpanishviaSkype will try, the first time that this happens, to reschedule that class so that the student does not lose it. If it occurs several times the student will lose these classes. If it is our system that fails, SpanishviaSkype will give you an extra class to make up for the missed class.

Of course! In Spain, languages training is tax exempt (according to the Spanish VAT Law No 37/1992 of 28 December, 1992) so we are not allowed to charge VAT (IVA in Spain).

All purchases of SpanishviaSkype lessons are final. When you buy them, they are yours to keep and cannot be refunded. Once the transaction has been confirmed and validated by our payment partners and security systems, and you have received the credits in your account, then the purchase is completed or final.

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