Learn Spanish via Zoom; this is the last advice you might have heard. Many things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Among them, Skype’s monopoly was broken by a new competitor: Zoom. This company, which provides videotelephony and online chat services, has been chosen by most of teachers to adapt their regular lessons into online teaching.

Spanishviaskype has been using Skype during the last decade in order to offer high-quality online lessons; however, if you are not used to work using Skype, now you can also learn Spanish via Zoom with us! But these are not the only options, you can also take a lesson via Teams or Meet. Today we’ll learn more about these apps.

Learn Spanish via Zoom

As we said before, Zoom is the most popular alternative to Skype at the moment. This application is developed by Zoom Video Communications (San José, California). Although Zoom is aimed at a large number of users in the same meeting, we can use it for a one-to-one lesson, too. It’s not necessary (but recommendable) to have an account to join a meeting; in addition to this, the service provides the users with a whiteboard, which offers a good interaction.



Learn Spanish via Teams

If you can’t learn Spanish via Zoom nor Skype, Microsoft Teams is another good option. The greatest advantages of this service is maybe the integration with other apps from Microsoft, even Office package. It’s the evolution of Skype Business and has more options than its predecessor.

Learn Spanish via Meet

Meet is Google’s option to fight against Microsoft in the field of video-communication services. It’s the app that replaced the old Google Hangouts. Another advantage of Meet is its integration with Gmail and Google Calendar. During the last year, Meet introduced improvements, based on teachers’ feedback. As it happens with the previous apps, you can share your screen, record the session and send files.

As you can see, now you can learn Spanish via Zoom, Teams, Meet… and Skype, of course. Skype is our first option, because of the simplicity of its interface and the large number of users that still opt for it. Nevertheless, we are open to other options if you are not familiar with Skype. Just send a message to us and ask for another option. We’ll do the best we can to make you feel comfortable.

What are you waiting for? Reserve a trial lesson here. It’s the moment to learn Spanish via Zoom, Teams, Meet or Skype; there are no excuses now.