Free trial Class! Over the past few months, price inflation is putting a strain on household economies around the world. Most basic commodities have gone up in price. However, at we want the experience of learning Spanish online not to be a luxury.

Starting today, you can enjoy our free trial class. You read that right; from today you can start learning Spanish online from home and for free! But, what are the free trial classes at like?

Characteristics of the Free Trial Lesson

The objective of taking a free trial class at is to get to know our method, experience a sample of a real Spanish class and solve all your doubts. The teacher will kindly help you with everything you need.

These are the characteristics of our trial class:

  • 1-to-1 Class. Just you and one highly-qualified Spanish teacher.
  • Structured Lesson: Grammar, vocabulary, exercises and oral communication.
  • Taylor Made: Your tutor will show you your mistakes and how to fix them.
  • Class Report: You will receive it right after the trial lesson.
  • Duration/Price: This trial class is 20 minutes long and it’s totally free!

Get a Free Ebook for Taking a Trial Class

In addition to the features mentioned above, if you sign up for a free trial lesson, you can also automatically get a free grammar ebook, entitled 4 Tricky Topics and How to Master Them.

The topics you will be able to reinforce with this free ebook:

  • How to use ser and estar
  • How to use saber and conocer
  • How to use por and para
  • How to use prepositions in Spanish

Don’t think twice and start learning Spanish online today. The first step? Just, take a free trial lesson at and meet our teachers.  Speak Spanish from day one with us!