Happy New Year 2023 to all our students and readers of Spanishviaskype.com.

2022 has been less convulsive than the previous two years, at least as far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned. However, we have suffered great economic instability, due to the generalized rise in prices.

In spite of everything, the Spanisviaskype.com team had a good year and we would like to share with you our most sincere wishes for a happy new year 2023. And as usual, we are going to leave you our traditional summary of the articles published in our blog throughout this year.



Summary of Articles in our Blog

In 2022 we have learned colloquial and idiomatic expressions about the world of war. Also, on Halloween we read how to express fear or terror.

In addition, we learned some curiosities, such as why the letter “h” does not sound in Spanish or how there are words that sound the same but have different meanings, for example, the words: vaya, baya and valla.

Finally, we have offered you the 2023 calendar of the DELE exams of the Instituto Cervantes. We hope you will continue to trust us to prepare your exams. We are very satisfied with the results obtained by our students, with more than 95% pass rate.

Next year we will be back with more energy and strength to help you improve your Spanish level. To do so, we will continue to update our free grammar resources section. As you already know, in this section you can learn or remember different grammar contents, sorted by difficulty levels.

And, of course, you can keep reading us on our blog and social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin…) to interact with us.

Finally, the whole Spanishviaskype team wishes you a happy new year 2023 and hopes to see you soon on Skype to talk about your holidays. Be careful if you eat the 12 grapes!