Happy new year 2021 (¡feliz año nuevo 2021!). From Spanishviaskype.com, we want to wish you un próspero 2021. This year has been an awful one. We are living an unprecedent disaster for generations: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, we have been trying our students to learn Spanish via Skype offering them the best service and the best of us. During the lockdown situation, there was an important rise in the number of new students. Furthermore, our faithful clients have reserved even more classes. Because of that, we want to express our gratitude for trusting us.

Today we’re going to recap our articles last year on Spanishviaskype’s blog. Let’s look back together.

Happy New Year 2021: Grammar Is not Your Enemy

We think grammar is very important to learn a language accurately. Some student can say that it is not possible to have a happy new year 2021 and try to learn grammar at the same time. However, we tried to show you that grammar can be both, funny and easy with our articles.

Por and para are always one of our fights. You could also read about prepositional verbs and verbs that change their meanings in the preterite tense. The reported speech had also prominence during the year; we learnt about verbal changes and others like the time, space and personal pronouns.


Articles about Specific Verbs

Some Spanish verbs are quite difficult to learn, because of their polysemy or their special constructions. This year you had some articles about them.

We started with the verb quedar, one of the most special. Another verb that expresses a change of state is volver and it had an article here. There are many verbs that have a curious inclination of being used with idioms; caer is one of the best examples. Finally, Ser and estar want to wish you a happy new year 2021, too. They also had an article as every year.

Idioms, idioms and more idioms

Idioms are always a good way to have fun in a lesson. Students love learning these colloquial expressions and knowing more about their origin. Good and bad mood phrases are always useful to learn. Idioms and clichés are sometimes the same when we talk about nationalities. Foodstuff is a good source of idioms in Spanish and the word leche is not an exception. But if you prefer slang and street talking, you need to read this.

Happy New Year 2021: Events and festivities

We wish you a happy new year 2021 full of events and festivities. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many of those this year. Before the lockdown, we talked about some Spanish expressions about feminism for the International Women’s Day. Besides this celebration, we also brought you an article about the Gay Pride’s Day talking about expressions of colours. Recently, Christmas was present at our blog two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic was the topic of one of our articles, too.

These are only some examples of last year at Spanishviaskype’s blog. However, what about our novelties for next year? Well, you just need to wait for one week to know all of them! So, stay tuned for our next article. In the meantime, why don’t you reserve some lessons in order to learn Spanish. Obviously, if you want to try a trial lesson, first, just do it! Have a happy new year 2021!