Spanishviaskype’s quarantine Challenges are here. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 started some weeks ago, things are getting worse and worse. Spain is the third country with the largest number of deaths at the moment and Madrid is one of the most affected cities in the world.

However, now that governments of many countries have ordered a lockdown, people have started up their imagination and all of us are bringing out the best of ourselves. From we’d like to contribute with our Spanishviaskype’s quarantine challenges.

Spanishviaskype’s Quarantine Challenges: #1 – Defeat our level test

Are you a competitive person? Do you have a friend who always wins? Now it’s your turn. Take our Free Spanish Level Test Online. When you get your results, post the screenshot on your social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever) and challenge some friends to get a higher score. Let’s see if they are better than you speaking Spanish.

Do you want to know how the test works? Read this article to find it out.


#2 – The topics draw for conversational lessons

One of my favourite Spanishviaskype’s quarantine challenges is this. Are you bored of the trending topic: Coronavirus? Would you like to put your teacher on the spot? Now it’s the moment. Reserve a conversational lesson and search for three different topics you would like to talk about. At the beginning of the lesson you and your teacher will draw lots to see which of the three topics you bring will be chosen.

So, improvisation will be necessary. Imagine your teacher trying to speak about gastronomy in Kazakhstan, the mating ritual of flamingos or what is behind a black hole.

Challenge #3 – Learning with kids

Are you a student on Do you have kids? Then, maybe you are stuck with them in your house with no hope of going out within the following weeks. Don’t worry, bring them to your lessons! Reserve a Spanish class for children and adolescents and learn Spanish with them. Revise the numbers, the colors and the basic phrases to introduce yourself with the best classmate you can find: your child.

Among our Spanishviaskype’s quarantine challenges, this is the most familiar. Accept it now!

Spanishviaskype’s Quarantine Challenges: #4 – Face your fears

COVID-19 is now our biggest fear, but learning Spanish we’re sure that there are many of them that you would like to face finally. This is your moment. Think about your worst nightmares when you study Spanish: subjunctive, ser and estar, por and para, reflexive verbs, contrast of past tenses? Now, choose three of them and send an email to your teachers explaining that you want to challenge them. For your next lesson, they will prepare a specific lesson for you to overcome your fears. Theorical explanations, and practical examples, supporting materials and homework focused on those problems will be provided.

It’s time to face your fears and master the language.

Challenge #5 – Solve our weekly exercises on Instagram

If you are not prepared to learn Spanish with our teachers yet, don’t worry. You can practice on your own. Just go to Spanishviaskype’s Instagram and try to complete the exercises you will find every week. Just write your answers and our teachers will correct them for you. Now it’s possible, mix your two favorite hobbies: social media and the Spanish language.

In conclusion, here you have five Spanishviaskype’s quarantine challenges that will help you overcome the lockdown. Don’t be bored and make the most of your time. Reserve a trial lesson with us, now and say adiós to the virus.