It’s time! Now, you have at your disposal the new Spanish level test and it’s totally free! As you know, we’ve just released the new version of our website and we’d like that you can test your Spanish level with our latest tool. But, what does this test consist of? How can you have access to it? And, maybe, the most important question, why should you try it? Keep reading and you’ll get the answers.

Why to take the Spanish level test?

Most of our students don’t really know their current level when they take our free trial lesson. That might be a problem, because they don’t really know which kind of lessons they need. If you have the chance to take a Spanish test to determinate your level, it will be very useful for your teacher, who will complement that information with the free trial lesson results.

What does the Spanish level test online consist of?

You will need to go through 50 questions with 3 possible answers (only one is correct). We estimate that it takes you about 10-15 minutes to finish the Spanish test level. Of course, it depends on your Internet connection and your current Spanish level.

You will need to find the correct answer for direct questions but also to fill the gaps with the most accurate word. This Spanish level test will dig for your knowledge about Spanish grammar, vocabulary and the usage of idioms and conversational phrases. The level of difficulty is gradual. The first questions are achievable for basic students and the last ones, of course are very tough. All these contents are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Example of our Spanish level test

How can you access to the results of the Spanish level test?

Have you completed the whole free test, yet? Awesome! Now, you might wonder what your current Spanish level is, might not you? Well, you only need to fill a short form with your name and email address and that’s all; you’ll get the results of the test on your screen. In addition to this, you will recieve an email with your results and the solutions of the test.



What do these results actually mean?

Aren’t you familiar with your results? Don’t worry, it’s very easy. According to the European Framework levels, there are six grades: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. In summary, A levels are basic, Bs are intermediate and Cs are for advanced users. The numbers are subgroups, where 1 levels are lower than 2s. Our free test covers from A1 to C1 levels.

We hope that this article will be interesting for you. However, if you require further information about our free Spanish level test, you can ask your teacher at yourtrial lesson. What are you waiting for? Do you accept the challenge? Click here and start knowing yourself!