Spanishviaskype’s new site is online and we’d like to introduce it to all of our readers. Our company is evolving all the time as the Spanish language is, too. Spanishviaskype was born in 2012 and during these eight years we’ve been changing our website in order to bring it up to date. Let us show you the latest and main changes.

A Chatbot on Spanishviaskype’s New Site

Now, you will be able to ask us any question you might have using a quicker and more flexible way. Just find our chatbot at the right bottom corner on the main site. If you click on it, a little form will be opened and you will be able to fill it with your questions and doubts. You will get a reply in a short time.

Spanishviaskype's new site chatbot

Try Our New Spanish Test Level

Do you want to study Spanish but you don’t actually know your current level? Don’t worry. On Spanishviaskype’s new site you can take a free test level. You will need to answer 50 questions and you will get your real level on your email. In addition to this, a report with comments about your mistakes will be sent. These results will be complemented with our teacher’s opinion after your trial lesson.

Find the test at the very bottom of the site.

Spanishviaskype's new site test level

Spanishviaskype’s New Site Fee Calculator

Do you like what you see on our new site? Are you planning for taking a free trial lesson with us? Are you sure about which kind of lesson you prefer? Now you can calculate the most beneficial and affordable pack of lessons for your needs. Using our new fee calculator you will find out how much our lessons cost and you may have a budget on your email.



Go to the main page and scroll down. In the middle of the page you will find the calculator. Just click on the type of lesson and the number of lessons you would like to buy and, that’s all! You will get the total price and the chance to have it on your own email.

Spanishviaskype's new site fee calculator

Free Grammar Resources at Your Disposal

Finally, we introduce our free grammar resources that will be another tool that you can use to improve your Spanish level. From A1 to C1 levels, you can read and study all those contents that are new for you, or maybe you need to review. These resources will be growing because we will update them with more and more contents. Of course, all of these articles will be published in both, English and Spanish.

Spanishviaskype's new site free resources

Good Stuffs Remain on Spanishviaskype’s New Site

All these changes will not affect other tools and sections that worked well in the previous version of our website. The booking system will be the same and the blog section will be uptaded weekly as it used to happen. However, we will publish the articles on our blog in Spanish, too!

We would like to invite you to visit Spanishviaskype’s new site and surf it. More flexible, more convenient and intuitive, and, of course, more interactive: that’s how our new home looks! Please, let us know what is your opinion about the new site on the comment section below. And if you like what you see, don’t hesitate and reserve lessons on