Spanish expressions about feminism are more and more asked by our students on Nowadays, equality between men and women and the fight for women’s rights are in the spotlight and the Spanish language is adapting to the new concepts.

Next Sunday, the 8th of March is the International Women’s day, and they will demonstrate in the streets to show the world that not all is done, but there’s still much work to be done. Today, we want to provide you with some Spanish expressions about feminism that you might find in the media.

El techo de cristal: a perfect metaphor

El techo de cristal (the glass ceiling) refers to the barriers and obstacles that keep successful women from reaching the top of a hierarchy. That concept explains why there are few women in los consejos de administración de las empresas (board of directors) or high positions in politics.

This metaphor shows an invisible barrier that society ignores but it prevents women achieving their goals.


La brecha salarial: more Spanish expressions about feminism

La brecha salarial (the pay gap) alludes to another economical problem for women: the different remuneration for men and women who are working in the same job. If el techo de cristal is a vertical discrimination, la brecha salarial is a horizontal problem.

Las bajas maternales (maternity leaves) are traditionally one of the reasons for women not to have a fair salary.

El lenguaje inclusivo: a never-ending controversy

All languages, are trying to adapt their gender markers to the new times. English speakers are using the pronouns “they / them” as a non-marked gender. In the Spanish language there has not been an agreement yet. The introduction of new morphemes -e or -x (todes / todxs) or the use of non-flexive words (jovenes instead of niños or niñas) are some of the proposals. This is what we call el lenguaje inclusivo (inclusive language).

However, the academics claim that the language already has its own mechanisms to express the non-marked gender, and this is the masculine one. The controversy will continue.

VioGen: new times, new words

VioGen is the acronym of violencia de género (gender violence). This new word has become very popular (unfortunately) in the media. Many women are killed by their couples every year. Because of that, goverments have created new laws to fight against the aggressors.

After the “Me too” movement, another expression has been very used: el acoso sexual (sexual harassment). New words that we hope they fall into oblivion soon.

Conciliación laboral y familiar: the search for happiness

La conciliación laboral y familiar (work-life balance) for employees is compulsory if we want a true equality between men and women. Among the Spanish expressions about feminism that we’ve learn today, this is one of the most important. Over the years, women had to choose between child care and their careers.

Balancing their family life and their jobs is one of their requests on the 8th of March.

In conclusion, the world is changing and the Spanish language, too. If you want to know more Spanish expressions about feminism, don’t hesitate and reserve lessons on We’ll be glad to help you.