The verb caer in Spanish is full of idioms, and now, autumn is almost here and we’ll see leaves falling everywhere. That’s the original meaning of the verb caer in Spanish. However, reading this article you’ll realize that we use this verb in numerous idioms.

The verb caer in Spanish: caerse un mito

We hope this is not your case when you think about Spanishviaskype. Caérsele un mito a alguien is a feeling of disappointment. Imagine your favourite actor, who looks like a perfect father, husband and citizen ‘in the big screen’, is actually a criminal…

For example: Yo pensaba que el presidente era de otra manera; se me ha caído un mito.

Who is not disappointed by their politicians nowadays?


Caer bien or mal… or even worst

How can the veb caer in Spanish mean ‘like or get on well/bad’? Yes, this is what there is with idioms. Someone can caerte bien, mal or even como una patada (like a kick!).

For example: ¿Te cae bien mi jefe? ¡Porque a mí me cae como una patada!

Bosses, family in law, teachers… are the main target of these negative expressions.

The verb caer in Spanish: caerse del guindo

A guindo is a cherry tree. This is a curious tree, because it can be four meters high; however, its branches are often weak and unstable. In rural areas, it was very common to invite urbanite people to climb these trees as a prank. The guests thought it was easy to climb them, but, soon, they used to notice the truth…

Nowadays, caerse del guindo means to be a naive person.

For example: ¿Pensabas que podrías aprobar el examen DELE sin ayuda de un profesor? Parece que te acabas de caer del guindo.

Caer en agua de borrajas

Las borrajas (starflowers) are a kind of plants that are used to be drunk as an infusion. Nevertheless, unlike tea, las borrajas produces an insipid liquid that it’s not more tasty than drinking a glass of water.

Because of that, caer en agua de borrajas, means ‘end up with nothing’.

For example: Te aconsejé que tomaras clases de conversación en Spanishviaskype. Pero veo que mi consejo ha caído en agua de borrajas. Así nunca mejorarás.

Caerse el alma a los pies

The concept of alma (soul) was very important in ancient times because of Christian philosophy. There are rest of that importance enough in Spanish: tener alma, como un alma en pena, or ser el alma de la fiesta. Do you know the meaning of these expressions? Leave us a comment below and tell us if you are interested in reading an article about the word alma in Spanish idioms.

However, the expression we bring you here today is caérsele a alguien el alma a los pies. If your soul falls down, you are graceless, without spirit; so you are very sad or depressed.

For example: Cuando escuché la noticia del confinamiento por la COVID-19 se me cayó el alma a los pies.

Well, as you can see, not only leaves can fall down in autumn. The verb caer in Spanish has many idioms. We always insist in the importance of using these expressions that will help you sound more natural speaking Spanish. If you want to put them in practice, don’t hesitate and reserve a lesson with us. If you want to try a trial lesson first, be our guest!