Spanish online classes for kids are the new trend. After the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become the lifeline for many parents. However, has been working with children for years.

We know that you might have many questions about why and how to take Spanish online classes for kids. Today, we’ll try to shed light on this topic.

Advantages of learning a second language during the childhood

Learning a second language has numerous benefits for all ages, but specially for kids. These are some of them:

  • It improves their cognitive development and helps them succeed in multi-tasking. Getting their brains used to choose between two different languages, will make them change into different tasks easily in the future.
  • It opens their mind to different cultures and ways of thinking, giving them values such as tolerance and respect.
  • They might understand their mother tongue better, comparing structures and vocabulary.
  • They will be better at maths! Bilingual kids get better results in mental arithmetic and solution of problems.


How Spanish online classes for kids work

After years of experience on, we can affirm that Spanish online classes for kids are a perfect solution to learn our language. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to follow a method in order to have successful lessons. Let’s see some characteristics of ours:

  • Short lessons: It’s better to have a 30-40 minutes session and a focused kid, rather than a bored student after one hour.
  • One to one classes: children take more advantage of our lessons if the teacher’s attention is not divided among other students. In addition to this, we avoid the ‘leader effect’ that might make the shiest pupils be in silence for all the session.
  • Only Spanish allowed: it is obviously more difficult for kids at first, but if teachers only speak Spanish all the time, it will make students think, speak and even dream in Spanish!
  • Flexible method: it’s necessary to adapt the curriculum to pupils’ age and level. Even though we have organized lessons, we adjust them to the kid’s likes and interests, too.
  • Learning and fun: in our opinion, the Latin proverb docere et delectare must be our motto on Spanish online classes for kids. Due to this, we use different types of games, videos, stories, cartoons, songs…
  • Encouraging and challenging kids: motivation is maybe the most important key when we work with children. We try to motivate our students using different strategies. For example, we provide kids with a certificate when they reach a new level.

Spanish online classes for kids certificate

Spanish online classes for kids: the 6 rules

We’ve already seen how the perfect Spanish online classes for kids should be. But there are also some rules we encourage our young students and their parents to follow:

  1. Find a quiet place suitable for the online class: only if they are comfortable and confident, the class will succeed.
  2. Be prepare and on time on your scheduled class: if the children are hungry, sleepy or in a hurry, the lesson can be a mess. Be sure to book their lessons at the perfect time for your kids.
  3. Have your class material ready for the lesson: the least interruptions we might have during the session the best for the children.
  4. Listen carefully and follow your teacher’s directions: a relaxed lesson is not synonymous with lack of respect.
  5. Remove all distractions and concentrate in your class: leave cell phones, video game consoles or pets at another room.
  6. Participate and don’t hesitate to ask questions on things you don’t understand.

Spanish online classes for kids: the 6 rules

As you can see, Spanish online classes for kids can be a good option for your children to improve their linguistic abilities in the safest place in the world: your home. Here you will find more about our lessons for children. But, if you want to try a trial lesson, first, we’ll be pleased to meet your kids.