Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’ are plentiful. According to RAE, it is a polysemic term with which we can designate the action of numbering things, a mathematical operation, the deposit of money in a bank, the pieces of a necklace and many other meanings.

However, in this article of blog, we are going to focus on presenting some Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’.

Salirle a cuenta algo a alguien

If we want to know the efficiency of a job, we must compare the result obtained and the means used. The greater the effort to achieve the final result, the lower the efficiency. If this is the case, no nos sale a cuenta to do the work.

The construction of this idiomatic expression in Spanish is formed like the verbs of emotions, among which is the verb gustar. We need an indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les) and the subject of the verb is that which is profitable or not.

Realmente, te sale a cuenta reservar clases de español en, puesto que obtendrás buenos resultados por un precio asequible.

Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’: Darse cuenta de algo

Among the Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’, this is one of the most popular. We can all be very absent-minded. It is possible that a well-known person passes by us and we do not recognize him or her. It’s not that we are rude or unfriendly, it’s just that no nos hemos dado cuenta de that person. On the other hand, this expression is always a very common excuse used by students in their exams: “I’m sorry for that mistake, professor, I just no me di cuenta“.

To form this expression, it is necessary to conjugate the verb dar in its reflexive form. In addition, we need a prepositional complement with “de“. Here is an example:

Darse cuenta de los errores propios es la mejor forma de aprender un idioma.



Hacer algo por tu propia cuenta

No dish tastes better than the one you has hecho por tu propia cuenta. Well, actually, if you don’t have any culinary knowledge, you’d better ask for help. Also, when you assemble a piece of IKEA furniture por tu propia cuenta and you realize that it doesn’t fall over, you feel a great sense of satisfaction. However, we don’t recommend you to study Spanish por tu propia cuenta, unless you just want to order a beer in a chiringuito in Spain. Rather, look for a specialized teacher like these.

¡Ya eres muy mayor para que tu padre te solucione tus problemas! ¡Hazlo por tu propia cuenta!

Spanish idioms with ‘cuenta’: ser más de la cuenta

There is a well-known expression in Spain: “donde caben dos, caben tres“. The fact is that in our country, if you have a sudden visitor at home, it’s not a problem. You quickly look for something in the fridge and invite anyone to eat. The problem is if that visit is accompanied by more people. In that case, there will probably be más de la cuenta. It is not good to exceed the limits that we believe necessary. Among the Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’ that we have studied today, perhaps this is the wisest.

Creo que no voy a tomar esa copa. Ya he bebido más de la cuenta.

In conclusion, Spanish Idioms with ‘cuenta’ are so common in Spanish that no nos damos cuenta de when we use them. It almost sale a cuenta to use them, although not más de la cuenta. In any case, you must decide when to say them por tu propia cuenta. But if you want to learn more or need help to improve your Spanish level, don’t hesitate and reserve a trial lesson. Te saldrá a cuenta!