New DELE A2 2020 exam is one more example of the news that this year has brought. Besides the COVID-19 pandemic, the candidates who wants to pass the DELE A2 exam need to face a redesigned test. However, the modifications are not aimed at students, only, but at examiners, too.

Remember that this exam is a requirement to get Spanish citizenship. Today, we’re going to focus on the oral part of the new DELE A2 2020 exam.

New DELE A2 2020 exam: task 1 of the oral test

The oral part of the new DELE A2 2020 exam is formed of three different tasks. In the first one, the candidates need to do a monologue, with no interaction with the interviewer, for 2 or 3 minutes. They can prepare this task before the exam and choose between two different topics. They will explain, in simple terms, experiences of their daily life.

Regarding the evaluation, the examiners will take two aspects into consideration: the usage of the language and the compliance of the task. In the first one, they will evaluate the fluency, grammar, vocabulary and the pronunciation. In the second one, they will analyze whether the candidates talked about all the items they should have prepared before the exam. Don’t worry, if you forgot any of them, the interviewer must make some questions about those items. If you answer accurately, you will have no penalization.



Task 2: description of a photo

In the task 2 of the new DELE A2 2020 exam, candidates have to describe a photo, again, in a monologue during 2 or 3 minutes. They will need to focus on the people, their appearance, clothes and mood. The place and the surrounding objects are also important. The candidates will need to talk about what those people in the photo did before that moment, what they are doing and will do later; therefore, the past, present and future forms of the verbs should be used at this level.

The evaluation is similar to the first task. Don’t forget to describe all the items you will find in the instruction sheet, that you will receive before the exam. You have no excuses because, as it happens with the first one, you can prepare this task before the test starts.

New DELE A2 2020 exam: a conversation in task 3

The last oral part of the new DELE A2 2020 exam is a conversation between the examiner and the candidate. It’s a role-playing situation, based on the topic of the previous photo, and they will talk for 3 or 4 minutes, in order to accomplish the instructions that the candidate will receive at that moment. In this case, you can’t prepare task 3.

The examiners will take account of the same parameters in the previous tasks, but also the ability to improvise and survive in a daily situation and their skills to interact with the interviewer: remember, this task is not a monologue.

Generally, the new DELE A2 2020 exam is easier for the candidates: they will need to speak less time and the tasks have a better structure. On the other hand, the examiners’ job is less hard, because they need to focus on less requirements than before.

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