Spanish B1 DELE exam is one of the most requested by our students at However, DELE A2 exam is still the most taken Spanish test. Instituto Cervantes, the official institution that manages this exam, claims that a B1 speaker is able to understand the main points of oral and written texts about work, study or daily life. They can also produce simple and coherent texts on familiar topics or that are of personal interest.

Today, we’re going to focus on the oral part of the Spanish B1 DELE exam.

Spanish B1 DELE exam: task 1 of the oral test

The oral part of the Spanish B1 DELE exam is formed of four different tasks. In the first one, the candidates need to do a monologue, with no interaction with the interviewer, for 2 or 3 minutes. They can prepare this task before the exam and choose between two different topics. They will give their opinion, describe their experiences or talk about their wishes about a topic.

Regarding the evaluation, the examiners will take four aspects into consideration: the coherence, the fluency, the correction and the range of language. In the first one, they will evaluate whether the candidate’s speech is clear, connected and consistent or not. In the second one, they will analyze the pronunciation, the speed and the ease to understand. The third parameter focuses on the grammar correction. Finally, the examiners will assess the vocabulary and the accuracy of your expressions.



Task 2: Conversation about the Task 1

In the task 2 of the Spanish B1 DELE exam, candidates will continue talking about the topic in task 1, but now, in a conversation with the interviewer during 3 or 4 minutes. The questions will be about the previous candidates’ monologue, their experiences and opinions.

This is the moment of showing how you can speak spontaneously, so try to lead the conversation, interact with the interviewer and not to do a monologue again.

The evaluation is similar to the first task. However, keep in mind that, even though you can prepare the topic before the exam, you will not know the questions of the examiner, so you can have more problems in the fluency point. But, don’t worry, just show how you can talk about yourself in Spanish.

Spanish B1 DELE Exam: Describing a photo in task 3

In the task 3 of the Spanish B1 DELE exam the candidates have to describe a photo, again, in a monologue during 1 or 2 minutes. After that, both, the candidate and the interviewer will talk in a conversation about the same photo during 1 or 2 minutes. They will need to focus on the people, their appearance, clothes, mood and their relationship.

In the conversation, the examiner will ask about the topic of the photo. The questions can be about past experiences or plans for the future. Try to give your opinions clearly. If you have the chance, use the subjunctive to talk about wishes, negative opinions or speculations. Don’t limit yourself to using the present tense. It’s very important in the B1 level to control the past tenses contrasts.

Task 4: the Role-Playing

The last part of the Spanish B1 DELE exam is a conversation between the examiner and the candidate. It’s a role-playing situation, based on the topic of the previous photo, and they will talk for 2 or 3 minutes, in order to accomplish the instructions that the candidate will receive at that moment. As it happens in task 3, this last part can’t be prepared.

The examiner expects you to manage in a real situation, such as buying a product in a shop, complaining, making an appointment, asking for information… Don’t hesitate to interrupt the interviewer, ask him or her and show initiative in the conversation.

As you can see, if you know how the exam is, it will be easier for you to pass it. At Spanishviaskype, our teachers are also official examiners, accredited by Instituto Cervantes, and, they will  help you pass the Spanish B1 DELE exam. Do you want to try it firstly? Of course, just reserve a trial lesson and get your certificate!