The new DELE A1 is now available for candidates at a beginner level. Along with the new DELE A2, the A1 test has been updated according to the new times. It’s true that the first level of Intituto Cervantes’ exams is not the most demanded, but from we think it’s a good moment to show the big changes.

Let’s start with the reading part.

Reading comprehension part

The new DELE A1 will still have four task. As the previous version, there are 25 items and the candidates will have 45 minutes to complete this part. The exam will be more focused on daily topics.

These are the main changes:

  • On the task 1, there will be only 3 options of answers, instead of 4.
  • The task 4 will have closed answers, unlike the previous versión, that had open answers.

Let’s see now the listening part.



The new DELE A1: Listening comprehension part

The length of this part will be increased by 5 minutes. Now the candidates will have 25 minutes to complete the 25 items in four tasks.

Here you will find the changes in this part:

  • Now, all the items will have three options of answers instead of four as it was before.
  • The task of an open answer will be replaced by another one with closed answers.

Now, it’s time for the writing part of the DELE exam A1.

Writing expression and interaction

There will be no changes in this part. The exam will still have two tasks and the length is still 25 minutes. On task 1 the candidate will need to fill a form and on task 2 they will write an epistolary text (letter, email or postcard).

Finally, we’ll explain the oral part.

Oral expression and interaction in the the new DELE A1 exam

The DELE exam A1 oral part will have one task less. Now three tasks are required in only 10 minutes, five less than before. Let’s see the differences:

  • There will be some differences on task 3. For example, the candidate will need to ask two questions to the interviewer; those questions will be prepared before the exam.
  • The task 4 has been eliminated.
  • The evaluation will be different. The interviewer and the evaluator will have other scales to grade the candidates. In summary, there will be two criteria that will be taken into consideration: the use of the language and the compliance of the tasks.

If you want to learn more about the new DELE A1 Exam and you need further information, don’t hesitate and reserve a lesson with us. On, we are specialist in the preparation for the DELE exams with high levels of success.