How to pass the DELE Exam? This is a FAQ (frequently asked question) made by our students. The answer is not simple. It depends on your Spanish level, your communicative skills and your ability of controlling your nerves. However, everybody can pass the DELE Exam learning Spanish online on Spanishviaskype.

From now on, you will have one month to prepare the DELE Exam. The 12th of July will be the last date to take A2, B1, B2 and C1 exams before holidays (next one will be in September). A2 is maybe the DELE exam with more candidates per level. The reason is obvious: obtaining this certificate allows you to get the Spanish citizenship. Today, we want to help you pass A2 oral part with some tips.

The A2 DELE Exam has four tareas (tasks). The first three can be prepared by the candidate for 15 minutes before the exam.

1. Pass the DELE exam: the speech

During 3 or 4 minutes, you will need to talk about a topic of your daily life: your family, the city where you live, how your job is, the culture of your country… Don’t worry, this will not be a surprise because you will have had the chance of choosing the topic and preparing it.

Pass the DELE Exam, the speech, a model exam

Tips for the speech

  • At the beginning, the interviewer will ask you some questions to break the ice which are not actually graded: take advantage of them and calm your nerves.
  • The chosen topic should be the most familiar to you, so that you know the most of words.
  • Try to link your sentences using, at least, basic linking words such as porque, pero, y, también
  • Use up the time, or at least, speak for about 3 minutes, otherwise, the interviewer will find himself forced to ask you additional questions.


2. Pass the DELE exam: the description

Secondly,you will have 2 or 3 minutes to describe a photo, you will have prepared before the exam. The topics of the photos are similar to the previous task: daily routines (go shopping, means of transportation, a meal at the restaurant…).

Pass the DELE Exam, tips for the description

Tips for the description

  • Describe all you can see, no matter if you find a trivial detail, describe it! Notice that you need to speak for 2 or 3 minutes; if you don’t, the interviewer will have to ask you questions: it’s better if you control the situation.
  • Try to follow an order: start with general and evident elements: the place, the weather, the people…, and continue with more specific details: the mood of people, the objects, the clothes…

3. Pass the DELE exam: the role-playing

Later, you will have a conversation with the interviewer in a pretended situation, related to the previous task. For example, if the photo was about a dinner at a restaurant, the role-playing might be this: you are a customer who has been charged a dish you have not order. Discuss with the waiter (the interviewer) and ask him to solve the problem. The conversation must last about 2 or 3 minutes.

Pass the DELE Exam, tips for the role-playing

Tips for the role-playing

  • Don’t forget you are having a conversation. You must sound as natural as possible: try to lead the way, interrupt the interviewer, make questions to him…
  • Follow the instructions that you will find on the preparation papers. Ensure that you made reference to all of them.
  • Imagine you are having this conversation in the real life. The examinators want to know if you would be able to “survive” that situation.

4. Pass the DELE exam: the debate

Finally, this is the only task you will not be allowed to prepare. Two options will be given to you and you need to choose one without reading anything. You will have an informal conversation with the interviewer in which both of you must discuss about your preferences for 3 or 4 minutes. For example: your friend and you want to go to Spain. You want to stay in a hotel but your friend prefers an apartment. At the end, both of you need to find an agreement, using different arguments to defend your ideas.

Pass the DELE Exam, tips for the debate

Tips for the debate

  • Now it’s time to interrupt, make questions, express disagreement and opinions
  • Lead the conversation and avoid to have an interview. The goal of this task is to interact, not to be passive.
  • When the time is about to finish, don’t be very stubborn and make a deal with the interviewer. Remember that it’s a negotiation: don’t give up at the first sign of trouble but don’t be a rock, neither.

For further information, here you have the official site of the A2 DELE Exam, by Instituto Cervantes. If you follow these general tips and you reserve some sessions on Spanishviaskype, we are sure that you will pass the DELE exam. Try a trial lesson here and you will be able to ask us all the questions you may have.