Useful Spanish phrases are the key of our conversational lessons. Our students usually ask us to help them speak naturally. Well, one of the best ways to achieve this is to use phrases and idioms. However, it’s not so simple. You don’t only need to learn phrases and let them out. You also need to know when to use them properly: the context, the register and your conversational partner.

Carnival 2020 is about to start. During this weekend until next Wednesday, people in Spain will dress up and have fun in the streets. Tenerife, Cádiz and Badajoz are maybe the cities where this festivity is more popular. No matter where, the most important is tener y estar de buen humor (to have a good sense of humour and be in a good mood). Today we’ll learn some useful Spanish phrases about mood.

Useful Spanish phrases to express good mood

¿Estás de buen humor? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are in a good mood. That’s not amazing but it’s a beginning. But what if you want to express the highest level of good mood. Then, you can use estoy como unas castañuelas. This noun means nothing to you, right? But have you ever seen those musical instruments that women, dancing flamenco, have in their hands? Those are castañuelas and they seem like a smiling face :). Estar loco de alegría is another good option. After Carnival we’ll have Pascua, another time to celebrate. So, if you estás como unas Pascuas, it means that you are very happy.



How to express a neuter level of mood

These common Spanish phrases are useful for your travels to Spain. Maybe, you are not feeling well, but not so bad. Then you can say No estoy (de humor) para esto… So, you don’t feel like doing something because of your mood. If somebody asks you how you are, you can reply no estoy para tirar cohetes (literally, I’m not in a good mood for fireworks). Notice that in English, if there are fireworks, it can mean to be very angry, so don’t mix them up.

More useful Spanish phrases to express bad mood

There are many ways to express your anger in Spanish. You can say estoy que echo chispas (you are sparking) or estoy de un humor de perros (barking and showing your teeth). Even more exaggerated is estoy que me subo por las paredes (a very angry Spider-Man) or estoy de un humor de mil demonios (not even Lucifer is more furious).

No matter how your mood is, try to use these useful Spanish phrases for your travels to Spain, but just do it at the proper moment. You never know who can be in a worse mood than you!

If estás de buen humor, reserve conversational lessons en Speaking via Skype is funny and you will learn more useful Spanish phrases to look like a native.