How to learn Spanish now that it’s September again? We always think that summertime is never-ending but time after time the school year and our jobs start again after a break.

At the same time, dozens of commercials will inundate our TVs and computers, offering us infallible methods to learn a new language. We usually are overloaded when we must decide which kind of lessons we might need or which platform we should use. Well, today we want you to give you some tips in order to choose the best options for you.

Learn Spanish step by step

Do you want to learn Spanish for the first time? Haven’t you ever taken a Spanish lesson? Can you only say simple words like ‘hola’ or ‘adiós’? You should start with a course which offers you grammar and vocabulary gradually. Learning new words is your main goal at this moment but you need to be introduced into basic verbs like ‘ser’, ‘estar’, ‘tener’ and ‘haber’. From a communicative point of view, you need to learn how to introduce and describe yourself and talk about your habits.

Try our Spanish for different levels course on Spanishviaskype. We will prepare a specific program for you to improve quickly.

Spanish for different levels course

Learn Spanish and practise it

Vocabulary, grammar and exercises are nice but how can you go from the theory to the practice? The answer is conversation. Are you at a high-basic or intermediate level at this moment? Don’t stop taking our previous lessons but now you can alternate them with our conversational ones. However, in all our courses, conversation is a pivotal objective, but imagine 30 minutes, face to face, speaking in Spanish… That’s gold!

Take a look at our Spanish conversation classes on Spanishviaskype. We will play role-playings, debate and simulate real situations.

Spanish Conversation Classes


Prove yourself! Take Spanish exam!

Are you comfortable with your current level? Do you think you can survive in Spain? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. Try to take an official exam. Nowadays there are two different options: DELE Exams, managed by Instituto Cervantes, and SIELE Exam, managed by the same institution and some international universities.

Enroll in our Preparation for the DELE or SIELE exam on Spanishviaskype. Our teachers are official examinators and they will help you with their advices.

Preparation for the DELE exam

You just want to learn the basic to survive

If you only need to learn Spanish, but only basic expressions because you are coming to Spain and you don’t have much time, you can take our introduction course and you will be able to order food at a restaurant, reserve a room, take a taxi or don’t get lost at the airport.

Spanish survival course on Spanishviaskype is your course! It’s a good way to take a look at the language.

Spanish survival

Learn Spanish and Specialize

Do you need the Spanish language for your job? Are you looking for vocabulary for business? Are you a doctor and you attend many Spanish speakers? Don’t worry. We have the best specific courses for you. You will focus only on what is important for your job.

Go a step forward and specialize is a specific field with our Spanish for specific purposes.

Spanish for specific purposes

As you can see, if you wonder how to learn Spanish, we have the course you need. Just go to our class programs and sign in. You can also take a free trial lesson. Learning Spanish via Skype is now affordable and convenient.