Happy new year 2020, ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! The staff of Spanishviaskype.com want to wish you un próspero 2020. A new decade started and it’s time for buenos propósitos (good resolutions). Learning a new language is always on the top of our lists. Why don’t you try the Spanish language? Learning via Skype is always easy and convenient and here you have our blog section to know more about our language.

Today we’re going to recap our last year articles on Spanishviaskype’s blog. Let’s look back together.

Grammar is not so hard

Grammar is an important part for learning a new language. However, we think it’s necessary to study grammar from a communicative perspective. Last year, our readers could learn how some verbs and expressions have no subjects in Spanish, the popular three types of conditional clauses and even the most advanced rules you should know. Obviously, the past tenses were also protagonists.



Idioms, slangs and popular phrases

Most of our students love learning these kind of expressions; they even want to know how to insult or be rude in Spanish! This year, we’ve dealt with this topic on our articles.

We’ve learnt expressions to express fear in Halloween or funny expressions with the verb ‘dar. Rude words were also brought here. Nevertheless, we talked about courtesy, too with some ways to say gracias in Spanish.

Mistakes to learn

Mistakes made by our students were an excuse for us to explain difficult topics. False friends or cognates also were here in 2019, mainly the German and Italian ones. But our students also make very interesting questions that are usually recurring. We will bring them here next year, too.

Festivities and celebrations

As it’s common on Spanishviaskype.com, we are not only interested in linguistics but also in the Spanish culture. That’s why we try to connect both fields. Last year we talked about Madrid Fashion Week, the Goya Awards, the International Women’s Day or Madrid Gay Pride are good samples of that.

The new DELE A1 and A2

The Instituto Cervantes surprised everybody with the announcement of a new version of the DELE exam for the basic levels. Here, on our blog we’ll show the last changes and, of course, on further articles we will provide more information about this topic.

As you can see, 2019 has been a year full of information about the Spanish language on our blog and we wish the next decade will be even better for all of us. If you want to learn Spanish via Skype, reserve some lessons here. ¡Feliz año 2020!