The SIELE Spanish exam can also be taken online. With this news, the Instituto Cervantes surprised us a few days ago. Until now, candidates could only take the exam at an authorized examination center. This new decision will mean that thousands of Spanish students will be able to take their official exams from home or at work.

However, there are still limitations. Remote or online exam will not be available in all countries. Here are the main features of this new modality.

The SIELE Spanish Exam Online: Features and Requirements

The exam format will be similar to those taken in person. To take the exam, you will have to install an application from which you will be able to take the test. Everything will be done online, including the reservation of the exam, at least 48 hours in advance.



In terms of requirements, we can differentiate between two types: technical requirements and environmental requirements:

SIELE Online Technical Requirements

The candidate must have a PC (laptop or desktop) with Windows 7, 8 or 10, since the SIELE Spanish exam online is not available for tablets, smartphones or Macintosh (OS) computers. A camera placed in front of the candidate will be required. A keyboard, mouse and headset are also required. For audio, a sound card, speaker and microphone are necessary.

Environmental Requirements during the Exam

Regarding the place where the candidate will take the exam, it is mandatory that it is private. It is not allowed to be in parks, internet cafes… In addition, the candidate must be alone and try to isolate the place from noise as much as possible (windows and doors closed).

There are also instructions regarding clothing. Since photographs will be taken of the candidates during the test, they must dress similarly to how they would dress for an in-person exam. Also, no accessories may be worn and the candidate’s ears must be visible during the entire exam. Of course, the use of phones during the exam is strictly forbidden, except to communicate with the test center in case of technical problems. For this, communication will be done by WhatsApp and some application that reads QR codes will also be necessary.

The SIELE Spanish Exam Online: the Certificate

After the exam, within a maximum of three weeks, the candidate will have access to his certificate in his personal area of the website. They will also be notified by email. If there is any irregularity, the status of the certificate will be “technical problem” and the candidate will be contacted to correct the error.

All the necessary information about the SIELE Spanish exam online can be found in the official candidate’s guide that you can download here:


SIELE Remote - Guide of candidates


In short, the alternative to the DELE exam is stronger than ever. Obtaining an official Spanish certificate is now within your reach from home. If you want to give it a try, we advise you not to do it on your own. Prepare for your exams with a qualified and officially certified teacher. At we have tailor-made courses to help you pass the SIELE Spanish exam, so don’t hesitate and book now!