Popular sayings in Spanish are a good way to approach a foreign culture. It’s said that the common wisdom is encapsulated in these little pills of knowledge.

However, if you are a student who starts using popular sayings in Spanish all the time, you can get this trending reply: ‘Ok, boomer’. The fact is that mostly old people and non-very educated ones base all their arguments on proverbs and sayings. In consequence, it’s a good idea to learn sayings but not to abuse them. So let’s do it.

Popular sayings in Spanish encourage you to be proactive

A proactive person is someone who has initiative and is able to anticipate problems. Here you will find three popular sayings in Spanish that will help you be more proactive.

  • A quien madruga, Dios le ayuda: so, you know, if you get up early (madrugar), God will help you. So, or you will finish all your daily tasks or maybe you will be sleepy all day.
  • A Dios rogando y con el mazo dando: this means something like you can pray whatever you want but you also need to do something for yourself in order to solve your problems.
  • No dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy: This is maybe the most proactive one. Do it now! is a good free translation for this proverb.

Nevertheless, all rules have exceptions and here you have a saying that advise the opposite:

  • No por mucho madrugar, amanece más temprano: so, no matter what time you get up, the sun will not rise sooner.


How to be positive according to our proverbs

In addition to the proactivity, you need to be a positive person to believe in yourself. You can do it whatever you propose. That is what our popular sayings in Spanish suggest.

  • Al mal tiempo, buena cara: Are you looking through the window? Is it raining and the sky is grey? Don’t worry, be happy! It’s easy to say but if you are able to do it, you will eat the world!
  • No hay mal que cien años dure: Now that we are in the lockdown for the COVID-19, we hope that this proverb will be true. So, there are no difficult times that last forever.
  • A la tercera va la vencida: Did you fail? Try it again. Fail again? Don’t worry, try one more time. A second disappointment? The third try will be the good one.
  • No hay mal que por bien no venga: This is maybe the most optimistic saying of all. Do you also think that every bad thing happens for a very good reason?

Everybody can be a weatherman learning popular sayings in Spanish

Who are the people who know the most about weather forecast? That’s right! Not those men and women in elegant suits on TV. If you ask about the weather to an old person in a small village, the odds of having a perfect forecast are high. Let’s see how they know this.

  • En abril, aguas mil: It’s a good moment to check if these popular sayings in Spanish are true o not. It’s April now and “thousand of waters” will fall. This month is raining in torrents in Madrid.
  • Hasta el cuarenta de mayo, no te quites el sayo: this is a funny proverb because the 40th of May, obviously does not exist. Of course, using this rare date we mean the first days of June. El sayo was a kind of tunic, very popular many time ago. So, be careful and don’t take off your coats before June!
  • Cuando marzo mayea, mayo marcea: Here we have two verbs that are not used in Spanish: “mayear” and “marcear”. However, their meaning is clear for this proverb. So, if there’s good weather (mayear) in March, there will be bad weather (marcear) in May.

As you can see, popular sayings in Spanish keep the wisdom of the people. On Spanishviaskype.com we’ll help you learn not only our language but also our culture. Try a trial lesson here and no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy.