Autumn promotion 2020 is here! Our classic discounts are even higher this year. On we are aware of the serious economic situation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, children are back to school these days and that means more and more expenses for parents. Because of that, you can take advantage of our autumn promotion 2020.

Let us remember you that we have some different courses: for improving your grammar or your conversational skills, if you need to travel to a Spanish speaking country and you want to survive, or even if you want to take an official exam.

No matter if you are a new student at or a veteran of our lessons, this year, we’re bringing you two different offers: now with this promotion, you can get 30% discount on all single classes (you can buy as many as you want) between 22-30 of September. For new students, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Follow us on Instagram, where you can find mini grammar lessons, vocabulary, idioms and curiosities about the Spanish language.
  2. Buy the single lessons you want here and enter the code OCT_PROMO.



However, if you have been taking lessons with us for a while and you want to take advantage of this promotion, you just need to do this:

  1. Write a review on Google (in Spanish or the language your prefer), talking about your experience with Spanishviaskype.
  2. Buy the single lessons you want here and enter the code AUTUMNSALE.

Take in mind that blocks of lessons are excluded from this promotion.

Remember this: when you buy single lessons, you need to book them at that moment; it’s not possible to keep them in your account, as it happens with the blocks of lessons. You can book as many single classes as you want for the following 20 days since the day you are purchasing these lessons.

If the student cancels the bookings made using this promotion and he/she buys new classes out of the promotion period (22-30 September), this offer will not be valid.

Do you want to take a trial class first via Skype? No problem! BOOK IT HERE

Any questions? Please, email Elena García. She’ll be pleased to help you!

Now, it’s time to learn Spanish: DON’T MISS THIS OFFER and enjoy our autumn promotion 2020!!