Why learn by Skype?

Advantages of learning Spanish via Skype?

Because by breaking the “time-space barriers” of the traditional classroom:

 – You don´t waste time attending to class.

 – You can learn from the comfort of your own home, office or anywhere else you choose.

 – The class times are flexible for your convenience, and adapted to suit your life style.

Because our Spanish online classes are tailor-made and one to one… Just as if you were sitting opposite your teacher.

Because at the same time as speaking, you can chat online with your teacher, allowing you to visualise the new words and expressions used in class. The system keeps a record of it all in a file, as if it were an exercise book, so you can go back over it, any time after the class.

Because it is the perfect solution if you cannot travel to a Spanish-speaking country for an immersion course and if, on your return, you want to continue improving it.

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