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If your main reason for learning Spanish is to use it in a specific field of action, SpanishviaSkype offers you the opportunity to study and concentrate on Spanish for specific purposes.

You must be a Pre-Intermediate Spanish level student to take these courses.

• Spanish Business Classes – Do you want to improve your business Spanish to advance your career, get a new job, or be able to speak to a client or co-worker? Today’s businesses cannot afford to ignore the attractive markets that the Spanish language offers. Spanish-speaking people constitute a huge community that shares products, services and culture; and offers businesses and institutions a truly unique growth potential. Business Spanish teaching simulates meetings, negotiations, telephone calls, interviews and presentations, so you can practice the language needed for all sorts of business scenarios.

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 Medical Spanish – This course is designed for doctors, registered nurses and others who work, or intend to work, in the Medical sector to answer the growing demand for relevant knowledge of Spanish amongst doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. It is oriented towards improving students basic vocabulary related to healthcare, so that they can communicate respectfully and effectively with Spanish speaking colleagues, patients and their families in the course of their daily work.

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• Spanish for Job Interviews – Aimed at those people who apply for jobs that require knowledge of Spanish. We’ll teach you how to prepare a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of presentation in Spanish; how to prepare job interviews; how to talk about your professional experience, academic qualifications and professional achievements and how to answer specific questions relating to work.

• Spanish for Tourism – These classes are designed for people who want to use their Spanish skills in the Tourism area. Students on this course can be either university students of travel & tourism, hotelier, travel guide, travel consultants and others related that prepare for future jobs or professionals that want to improve their Spanish skills to be used in their present and future jobs.

Spanish for business professionals

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