San Fermín 2016


Pobre de mí  (poor me) is what you will listen in Pamplona if you are there the last night of their famous festival.

San Fermín festival  is one of the most international Spanish festivals, it last one week from the 6th until the 14th of July. One of the reasons that made it so famous overseas is because Ernest Hemingway  was a big fan of the festival and he wrote a novel called Fiesta (The sun also rises)  that made Pamplona’s festival an atraction to many travellers.



Autor: Alumnos del colegio de Buztintxuri

You will recognise San Fermin festival for the colors (everything during this days is white and red) and the most popular tradition: the encierros (running in front of the Bulls). The origin of this ancestral tradition comes from the time when the bulls were taken from the meadows to the towns and cities to die on the arena. The bulls were running throug the main street and the cowboys were guiding their way, the one who was before was warning the residents to close the doors and windows to be safe.

Little by little, the locals started to join the march and it became part of the bull festival and now many people from different regions an countries come to run. But this tradition is dangerous and many spaniards are against it. If someone decides to run must be sure that know all the risks.

People spend their party time in the same streets where at 8:00 in the morning the bulls will run, so when i went there i realise that one popular Spanish saying “Nos va a pillar el toro” (the bull is going to catch us), it has its origin right there. The other meaning is connected with the time, when you think that you don’t have enough time to do something, you can say:

Son las cinco y aún no estamos preparados, al final nos va a pillar el toro.

Besides this tradition, there are many other things that you can enjoy: music, dance, parades, folk and of course food and drink.

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