Pokémon-GoWhen Satoshi Taijiri was young, he was only keen on play video games. Ignoring his father’s advices, he refused to study engineering and tried to work in the video games design industry. That’s how Capsule Monster was born under Nintendo’s sponsorship. This game evolved into Pocket Monster and finally, what we know nowadays as Pokémon.

As time went by, Pokémon lost its trendiness, until these days. A new game for cellulars is causing frenzy; its name is Pokémon go. Using your GPS location, this free-to-play game uses the augmented reality and transforms you into a Pokémon trainer. You will have to go over the real world in the search of these little monsters. Today, we’ll learn where to find them in a city using Spanish.

First of all, you should know you can find a Pokémon in the calles (streets), avenidas (avenues) plazas (squares), parques (parks). But, look out! Don’t start walking on the calzada (road) with your eyes sticked to the cellular; remember to stay on the acera (sidewalk). If you see a Pikachu, don’t run crazily; firstly look at the semáforo (traffic lights) and when it’s green, cross at the paso de cebra (zebra crossing).

Using Pokémon Go, you will visit sightseeing points such as un estadio (a stadium), un teatro (a theatre), una catedral o iglesia (a cathedral or a church), un museo (a museum), una estatua (a statue) or una fuente (a fountain). Wherever this app takes you, don’t get along only with capture your monster, since you are there, take a minute and look around.

However, you will catch your virtual slaves, not only next to famous monuments, but also at common places. Una farmacia (a drugstore), una librería (a bookshop), una biblioteca (a library), un mercado (a market), un aparcamiento (a parking), la comisaría de policía (the police station)…

So, you, local people, if you bump into a Pokémon seeker in Spain you may help him giving directions: gira a la izquierda / derecha (turn left/right), cruza esa calle (cross that street), sigue recto (go ahead), pasa el hospital (go past the hospital)… Or maybe, if that seeker is trespassing your property, you can call the police. But, please, don’t do what this man did

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