OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere it is, beloved by parents, hated by children, la vuelta al cole (back to school) has come. After three months of summer holidays, nine never-ending months are on the horizon, but the worst problem for their progenitors is not the future but the present.

Family economics might be a nightmare these days if there are kids. Hundreds of euros will be spent in school materials. A huge challenge in time of crisis for middle and low class families. What do parents spend their money on? Today we’ll learn some vocabulary about school.


Libros (books), those dream makers that make us escape from reality, will be the biggest expenses on September. Matemáticas, Lengua y Literatura, Educación Física…, we talked about asignaturas (subjects) on this article.

En la cartera or mochila (the school bag): the rest of our September budget dissolves here. Las libretas (the notebooks), el estuche (the case), los bolígrafos (ballpens), los lápices (the pencils), las gomas (the rubbers), el afilalápices (the sharpener), los rotuladores (the felt-tip pens), el pegamento (glue), las tijeras (scissors), la regla (the ruler)… and you wonder if you bought all of this stuff last year or not. And what is more important, if you did it, where are these things now that you need them?

 En la clase (in the classroom): as soon as we open la puerta (the door) you can see la pizarra (blackboard), las tizas (the chalks) and el borrador (eraser, board rubber); three elements most of us feared when we had to use them before the rest of the class. Now it’s time to sit down: el pupitre or la mesa (the desk) and la silla (the chair) will be our place for a long time. If you are often bored during the lesson, you can look at la pared (the wall), la ventana (the window), el reloj (the clock)… This is what we had in my time. Nowadays there are pantallas (screens), cañones proyectores (the beamer projector) and los ordenadores (computers).

En el colegio (in the school): out of the classroom there are other important places in our children lives. La portería (the reception), el comedor (the dining room), el patio de recreo (the playground), la biblioteca (the library), el salón de actos (the assembly hall)…

And finally, las personas (people): los alumnos (pupils), los profesores (teachers), el director (the headmaster or principal), las limpiadoras (the cleaning lady), el conserje (the school janitor)… all of them will interact with your kids.

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Image (pencil-sharpener): Manuel Segura for Freeimages.com