Practica cantando (B2)

¿Te resulta difícil la pronunciación en español? ¿Encuentras difícil la entonación? ¿No consigues que tu español suene natural? ¿Por qué no pruebas con canciones? Puedes cantar en la ducha, por la calle, con tus amigos en el karaoke, pero ¡canta! No creas que estamos de broma, es una de las mejores maneras de aprender a [...]

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Panem et circenses (B2)

Pan y circo (bread and circuses) was a sentence coined by the Roman poet Juvenal to criticize the populist policies adopted by the politicians at that moment. If the economy is decreasing, don’t worry, let’s host gladiator combats, a quadriga race or a massacre starred by hungry lions eating up some scared Christians. Of course, [...]

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Carta a los Reyes Magos (B2+)

The Three Wise Men are coming tonight to Spain, so they can deliver their gifts to the kids who have behaved themselves all the year round (they manage to watch them closely at all times and only bring presents to those who have been good). How do they know what presents they have to bring? [...]

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