Narcos: Spanish in the prime-time (B1)

TV Series have become one the most important products in the entertainment industry. We “get hooked” by them for years and, eventually, we consider their characters to be part of our lives. In the past we brought some articles related to series to our blog on Game of Thrones, X-Files or Breaking Bad are [...]

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Reflexive verbs (IV): Poner or Ponerse (B1)

Image by Andreas Krappweis ( Here we are again, ready to reflect on reflexive verbs reflectively; let’s leave puns aside and remember we’ve talked about this topic widely before. We started with ingestion verbs, followed by movement verbs and finally quedarse, one of the most difficult one for our students [...]

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Sorpasso: the word of the year (B1)

As we informed our students and readers on, last Sunday we had the second national election in just six months. The campaign has been less hard than the previous one, but the most used word during these days was the italian sorpasso. Sorpasso is an overtaking, literally, when a car passes another one unexpectedly. [...]

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