chica china conversaciónThis week we have launched our new Chinese website, so we are willing to welcome Chinese students who want to learn Cervantes’s language with us! As you might know, the number of people learning Spanish in China has significantly increased, making it one of the most popular languages, after English.

Until ten years ago, the presence of Spanish in the Asian giant was limited to the university environment, which offered Spanish studies. The arrival, in 2006, of the Cervantes Institute in China, with premises in Beijing, coincided with a growing interest in learning our language as an alternative second foreign language, not only at universities, but also in language schools in Beijing. In 2015 Chinese university system had around 22,300 students of Spanish. In 2016, around 40,000 students are enrolled in Spanish teaching courses in China.

The job opportunities for Spanish speakers is constantly growing. Trade ties between Spain and China have grown considerably over the last 15 years and that’s the reason why the demand for Spanish language tuition in China has increased 30% over this period.

In China, there are not enough universities for all the students who want to study Spanish. But from now, they won’t need to go abroad to learn or improve their Spanish because at SpanishviaSkype they can study at home, at the office or anywhere else at their own pace. They just need a computer with webcam, broadband Internet connection and the Skype program.

The growing interest in Spanish language studies in Asia is very much linked to opportunity. The ties between Spain and China have been tightening rapidly since 2013 when the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs announced targeted efforts to increase influence in Asia. Despite a lack of Spanish language teachers trade between the two countries has grown a lot. Spanish language skills will not only promote opportunities abroad, but open doors in China as well, so we are sure that our Chinese students will get their reward (and, of course, the joy of learning a beautiful language).

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