sorpassoAs we informed our students and readers on, last Sunday we had the second national election in just six months. The campaign has been less hard than the previous one, but the most used word during these days was the italian sorpasso.

Sorpasso is an overtaking, literally, when a car passes another one unexpectedly. In Italy it has been used  in economy, when a nation’s economy overtakes another one. Now it’s more used in politics: the “Brexit’s” sorpasso, the failed Podemos Party’s sorpasso in our last elections… Italian language’s had a wide influence in our language. Keep reading and you’ll learn more italianisms in Spanish.

Vendetta: venganza (in Spanish), “revenge” (in English) is, perhaps, the most known and the most terrible one. Vendetta, as we had in Game of Thrones’ last episode. A refrán (proverb) says that la venganza se sirve en plato frío (revenge is a dish best served cold) and remember that “winter is coming” to this series.

Birra: cerveza (in Spanish), “beer” (in English) in one of the most comsumed drinks in the world. Although it’s got a German origin, birra is very used in Spanish in colloquial contexts. Una birra y una televisión (a beer and a TV) is the way the Spanish footballers will see the rest of the Euro 2016 in France, after the elimination of Spanish National Football Team.

Novela: from Italian novella, “novel” in English, is a word that we have many hours in our hands, but we are not aware of its origins. What kind of novel do you think we’ll read after the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union? A fantasy one, where UK comes back with its head bowed? A horror one, where referenda along EU falls like dominoes?

Caricatura: with the same form in Spanish, “cartoon” in English, is that exaggerated and extravagant drawing, made by street artists or draftsmen working for newspapers. After the new elections, all our leaders will be drawn with caricaturas soon.

These are only five examples of italianism, but there are plenty of them. If you don’t want to get a sorpasso from your rivals who are studying Spanish too, if you want to have a birra in the chiringuito (beach bar) while you are chatting in Spanish or if you are being drawn by a young artist at the Retiro Park, don’t hesitate and reserve a free trial lesson on our relationship will be like a novela de amor without any vendetta.