Students testimonials

I´ve always been nervous when learning a language because western pronunciation is very complicated for the Japanese. I needed to learn Spanish to get promotion at work. I wanted a native speaker, which is very difficult to find in the outskirts of Tokyo, and I also wanted to learn Spanish online. I tried SpanishviaSkype and the truth is that I couldn´t be happier and I can see my improvement from week to week”.

Kosuke Sato, 38 years old
(Tokyo, Japan).


I live in Madrid for six years and although I use French at work I needed to learn Spanish for my everyday life. As I don´t have time to go to an academy for classes I decided to try SpanishviaSkype. I love the classes with Laura, as besides learning I have a great time with the practical exercises; she always surprises me”.

Maryline Romain, 46 years old
(Lyon, France).


We have a second home in Arizona, where there is a large Hispanic population, so I ´ve always thought it would be useful to learn Spanish. The problem is that I couldn´t be bothered to go to private classes or a language academy and I found the perfect solution, SpanishviaSkype, where I learn Spanish online twice a week. I was an absolute beginner and now I can go into a shop and get by in Spanish. It is easy, convenient, and of course, effective”.

Connie Donovan, 62 years old
(Chicago, United States).


To be a Spanish teacher in schools in Germany you have to improve and practise the language regularly. After a trip to Madrid to improve my Spanish I decided to try SpanishviaSkype in order to keep it up, as I didn´t have time to go to a language school. The result: now I can offer my Spanish students better classes. I love these Spanish online classes! They are so convenient and effective”.

Florian Schirmer, 36 years old
(Ulm, Germany).


What I like the most about SpanishviaSkype is its flexibility because I need to take my Spanish classes on weekends. I book Spanish general classes, conversation lessons and also classes to prepare the DELE exam. My level of Spanish was elementary (A2) and now is Intermediate (B1). I really love these Spanish classes online!”

Shein Weng Yap, 19 years old


I teach Chinese in Madrid. Although I am able to have a fluent conversation in Spanish with locals, I can’t understand some of my Spanish students queries. That’s the reason why I really need to keep learning Spanish. Studying Spanish at traditional academies means to share the class with too many students, so I preferred to do so with SpanishviaSkype: face to face with my teacher in individual classes that really suit my needs. It’s a way to learn Spanish online fast and easy”.

Qiaoxi Chen, 24 years old
(Chongqing, China).


I have been using Spanishviaskype for more than five years and I am really excited about this new way to learn. With native Spanish speakers and their knowledge of grammar, I now feel as though I will finally reach my goal of becoming fluent in this great language. It’s wonderful to get expert instruction in the comfort of my home”.

Al Day, 66 years old
(North Carolina, United States).


I live in Madrid for three years and my Spanish isn´t good enough because I travel all the time due to my job. I’ve found the perfect solution, SpanishviaSkype, because I learn with them no matter what country am I. I really recommend these Spanish classes online to learn Spanish at your own pace”.

Primoz Bizjak, 37 years old
(Sempeter-Vrtojba, Slovenia).


When I was a kid, folks used to say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, my SpanishviaSkype teacher, Laura, is proving that they were wrong. She is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated to helping me build my Spanish skills. I live in Southwestern Ohio and there really aren’t many good opportunities to get first class Spanish instruction around here. So, SpanishviaSkpye works really well for me!”.

Tim List, 67 years old
(Centerville, Ohio, United States).


I‘ve been studying with SpanishviaSkype around a year. The results are amazing. I‘ve improved my Spanish for 2 levels. Now I also take classes for specific purposes and study business Spanish, which I actively use at my work in business correspondense and phone conversations. In particular, I‘d like to thank my teacher Angel Roncero. I recommend to everyone who wants to learn Spanish but do not has much time. SpanishviaSkype is the best option!”.

Anna Vakhrusheva, 26 years old
(Moscow, Russia).


I am an attorney who works and lives in southern California, not far from the U.S.-Mexico border, so almost half of my clients are Spanish speakers. Spanishviaskype is the best method I have found to help me study and improve my Spanish. My teacher, Ángel, is great! He is always prepared for my class and is helpful in answering any specific questions that I might have. Spanishviaskype also provides me with a class report after each class that helps me a lot to understand what I am learning. I feel I have greatly improved my ability to speak Spanish”.

Jacob M. Devane, 47 years old
(Indio, California, United States).


It was difficult to find the time to regularly attend a Spanish class or to coordinate a meeting with a tutor. Now, with SpanishviaSkype, I can have regular lessons twice a week right at my desk. It’s easy because I’m in my office anyway. You get more than you pay for because, in addition to the regular lesson, the instructor provides preparation material, a report for each lesson and homework that is also corrected”.

Jonathan Scott, 53 years old
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States).