Companies in SpainHave you ever dreamt of starting your own company? Many millennials have become a millionaire creating a “start-up”, “dot-com” or a conventional company.

Having an innovative idea is maybe the most difficult point, because it’s the first step. However, what kind of company should you start, focusing on that idea? That will be perhaps the difference between éxito (success) and fracaso (failure).

We are not going to advise you what you should do, but we’ll try to show the different types of partnership we have in Spain (just in case you want to make money here).

When we talk about the companies in Spain we have to take this into account: el número y tipo de socios (number and type of partners), capital mínimo (minimum capital) and clase de actividad (kind of commercial activity).

Sociedad Anónima (S.A.) – (Public limited company)

This is an open capitalist partnership in which los socios can sell their acciones (shares) freely. That’s why las S.A. are the only ones that pueden cotizar (can be quoted) en bolsa (on the stock Exchange). In addition to this, there is not a limit in the number of partners and they can be capitalistas (investors) or trabajadores (workers). The minimum capital required is 60.000 euros (15.000 at the beginning).

Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) – (Limited liability company)

On the other hand, a S.L. is a closed capitalist company. It’s more suitable for family business with baja inversión (low investment). Los socios can only sell their acciones to other socio, cónyuge (spouse) or hijos (son or daughter). Just as the sociedad anónima, the S.L. has no limit of socios. Nevertheless, the required capital is lower: 3.000 euros from the beginning.

Sociedad Cooperativa (Coop.) – (Cooperative society)

It’s a free asotiation of socios in which everyone has an unique vote, regardless of the capital they invested. At least 3 socios are required to start and the minimum capital is established in their estatutos (statutes), but the maximum can’t exceed a third of the total. This kind of company is suitable for workers who want to be the owners of their own company.

Of course, there are other types of companies, such as sociedad laboral limitada o anónima, comunidad de bienes, sociedad civil, empresa unipersonal… Therefore, if you are interested in starting a company in Spain and you want to learn more deeply all the vocabulary related to commercial and business world, don’t hesitate, our Spanish Business Course is your answer. Reserve now a free trial lesson on Skype and check why is the new way to learn Spanish.