iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - ShowWe’re sure that our students on www.spanishviaskype.com will have listened to this song over and over for the last months: What does the fox say? by Ylvis. These Norwegian comedy brothers released a musical video that went viral on YouTube last September with over 350 million views.

During 3:33 length, they both teach us what some animal sounds are. When you watch it you may think that it’s insane or nonsense. But, have you wondered what verb we have to use to express the sound of a frog or a crow in Spain? Today we’ll learn some of them.

  • Las abejas (bees): Las abejas zumban (from zumbar).
  • Los burros (donkeys): Los burros rebuznan (from rebuznar).
  • Los toros (bulls): Los toros berrean (from berrear).
  • Las vacas (cows): Las vacas mugen (from mugir).
  • Los caballos (horses): Los caballos relinchan (from relinchar).
  • Las ovejas (sheeps): Las ovejas balan (from balar).
  • Los cerdos (pigs): Los cerdos gruñen (from gruñir).
  • Los lobos (wolves): Los lobos aúllan (from aullar).
  • Los cuervos (crows): Los cuervos graznan (from graznar).
  • Los gatos (cats): Los gatos maúllan (from maullar).
  • Los perros (dogs): Los perros ladran (from ladrar).
  • Los leones (lions): Los leones rugen (from rugir).
  • Las ranas (frogs): Las ranas croan (from croar).

But ¿qué dice el zorro, por el amor de Dios? (what does the fox say, for God’s sake?). If you want to know this or learn Spanish via Skype, you can reserve a free trial lesson here.