joffrey_p7k2Winter is coming… and Game of thrones stars and their entourage are coming to Spain! We’ll have to wait until spring 2016 to watch the new season of HBO Series. During the next weeks Girona will be an unknown (yet) kingdom in Westeros or perhaps a Free City in George Martin’s world. Santa Florentina Castle (Canet de Mar, Barcelona), Bardenas Desert (Navarra), Zafra Castle (Campillo de Dueñas, Guadalajara), Peñíscola (Castellón) and Almería will be also seen all over the world.

This TV series has become one of the most viewed in Spain. Where is the secret of this success? Its unknown cast, who owe this show all their current fame? Their wonderful locations? Their deep dialogues between Tyrion Lannister and Varys the eunuch? Maybe the spectacular FX effects (for a TV series)? Well, let me introduce a new variable: La muerte (Death). Although Syrio Forel said “there is only one god: Death; and what do we say to Death? Not today”, that is not Martin’s theory; he rather says: “a lot of death today”.

Keep reading and you will learn many ways to die in Spanish. And this is not fiction…

To be more specific, we’re going to focus on different executions throughout history:

  • El ahogamiento (drowning). Ahogar (to drown) is a way to kill a person by submersion in water. It was one of the most evil murder. The victim could even die although he could take his head out of the water, because of the liquid inside his lungs.
  • La asfixia por gas (suffocation by gas). Gasear (to gas) was one of Nazi’s favourite execution. Awful stories about this way to die have come to our days.
  • La crucifixión (death by attaching to a cross). Crucificar (to crucify) Jesus Christ made Pilatos become famous in history. The victim, is suffocated by his body’s weight.
  • La decapitación (death by beheading). Decapitar (to behead) was very popular in Medieval Ages. Henry VIII collected his wives’ head by this execution. And maybe the main star in Game of Thrones also died by this way.
  • El desangramiento (death by bleeding). Desangrar (to bleed) a prisoner was reserved for the worst criminals in ancient Rome. They cut his abdomen and the executioners only had to sit down, watch and wait until the victim died.
  • El desmembramiento (death by dismember): Desmembrar (to dismember) consists in removing the prisoner’s limbs, tying them to animals. Used by Spaniards in America conquest.
  • El empalamiento (Impalement): Empalar (to impale) is the penetration of a human body by an object (a spear, a stake, a hook…) which perforates the whole body.
  • Ahorcamiento (death by hanging): Ahorcar (to hang) somebody from a tree or other high location using a rope with a noose around the neck. The victim’s neck is often broken before he can die by suffocation.
  • La hoguera (burning in a bonfire): Quemar vivo (to burn alive). Brujas y herejes (witches and heretics) were often killed in this way by the Inquisition.
  • Emparedamiento (death by confinement): Emparedar consists in confining the victim in a room and block off the door forever. Maybe this is the “lightest” variation. Other options were enclosing the prisoner between two walls built expressly for that execution.

Well, as you can see, human’s imagination has no limits. Learning Spanish is not only speaking about animals, things in a house or the professions. The richest your vocabulary is, the best you can communicate in Spanish. Why the don’t you reserve a free trial lesson via Skype on Who knows, perhaps one day you must choose your way to die in Spanish. Don’t let someone selects for you…