babiaWhen we read this post’s tittle, who doesn’t remember that time when a teacher shouted: Are you in the clouds?

Don’t be so hard with us, dreamers who like to escape from reality and need to think in different places where we are, because, to be honest, reality is often boring.

So, if you are a student of Spanish on, maybe you will listen this slangs we’re going to learn today.

  • Estar en Babia: Have you ever been to this amazing region in the north west of Spain? Babia belongs to the province of León. This province was once one of the Christian Kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages. The kings of León used to spend long time in this area when they wanted to be in calm and relaxed. When this happened, all citizens in León went mad, because the reign was out of control. When a period of crisis happened, everybody asked “¿Dónde está el rey? (‘where is the king’?). And they used to have in response: “El rey está en Babia” (‘The king is in Babia’). Eventually, this expression was used to describe a person who is not paying attention and is “in the clouds”.
  • Pensar en las Musarañas: Las musarañas (Shrews) are small mammals, quite similar to mice. Imagine you are a peasant some centuries ago, when machines were just fantasy. Suddenly you see a shrew running through the tomatoes and you stand there and stare at it. Then, the foreman shouts and tells you: ¡Deja de pensar en las musarañas! (Stop thinking in shrews!). Nowadays, we use this expression to wake up people who “are in the clouds”.
  • Tener una torrija: one of the favourite desserts of Spaniards is torrijas. Basically it’s a slice of bread, soaked in milk or wine with honey or spices. Then, it’s dipped in egg and fried with olive oil. It was very typical that a husband went back home quite drunk. When his wife asked for an explanation he used to answer: ‘I just went to have some torrijas’, and his wife used to reply: Sí, vaya torrija tienes tú. (what a torrija you have). Eventually this expression evolved into “being confused and disorientated”.

So, if a Spanish speaker tries to talk to you and you don’t want him to say to you “Estás en Babia”, “estás pensando en las musarañas” or “tienes una torrija…”, don’t hesitate and learn Spanish via Skype. You can reserve one Free Trial Lesson here.