unhealthy false friendsAre you coming to Spain in summer holidays?

If you need  to go to the hospital or to a pharmacy  in Spain, we hope you don´t, be careful with some false friends that can confuse the doctor or the pharmacist!!!


We give you some advice to  avoid embarrassing  stories:

  • To be constipated in Spanish is estar estreñido. Tener un constipado is to have a cold!
  • Estar embarazada is to be pregnant! Estar avergonzada means to be embarrassed!
  • Estar sano is to be healthy. To be sane is estar cuerdo.
  • Un preservativo is a condom. A preservative is un conservante.
  • Una intoxicación in Spanish means a poisoning. Estar borracho is to be drunk or intoxicated.


We hope you don´t get confused with these words! If you do, don´t hesitate to have some Spanish survival classes before you arrive in Spain!