sant-jordiBarcelona is a beautiful and tourist city. You might have heard about La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas or Barceloneta Beach. We’ve already talked about Barcelona on our blog here.

Tomorrow, April the 23rd, will be a special day in Cataluña: El día del libro (The World Book Day) and El día de San Jordi (Saint George’s Day).

During the last years, we’ve given information about El día del libro; because of that, today you’ll learn more about the importance of San Jordi in the catalan culture.

This day, girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives, boys and girls are excited; they will have to pick a gift for their partners. What would you choose? A cellular,maybe? A chocolate box? Well, perhaps next time. On San Jordi’s Day women will buy un libro (a book) for their men and will get una rosa roja (a red rose) from them.

You might think girls’ present is simple. Nevertheless, the rose’s value is not in the flower itself but in the symbol it represents. La rosa roja is given together with una espiga de trigo (a wheat ear): Only one rose sybolises the exclusiveness of our love; red color means the passion and the wheat ear represents the fertility.

Is your girlfriend tired of having roses from you? You can also buy margaritas (daisies), amapolas (poppies), claveles (carnations), orquídeas (orchids)…

You may wonder what is the connection between San Jordi and a red rose. Let’s read his legend in Spanish:

Había una vez, en Capadocia, un reino. El reino disfrutaba de paz y prosperidad hasta que se asentó en sus tierras un dragón. El monstruo asolaba las aldeas y cazaba a todos los ciudadanos que podía hasta que saciaba su hambre.

Los habitantes decidieron sacrificar y entregar al dragón dos corderos cada día. Esta solución funcionó durante un tiempo, pero el ganado comenzó a escasear. Entonces se decidió entregarle al dragón un solo cordero y a una persona, escogida por sorteo.

Tras un tiempo, la suerte quiso que la elegida fuera la princesa y el rey tuvo que aceptar, pues debía dar ejemplo a su pueblo.

De camino a una muerte segura, la princesa se encontró a un caballero, Jordi. Este decidió socorrerla y luchó valientemente con el dragón. Jordi logró clavarle una espada en el corazón y lo derrotó. De la sangre vertida de la bestia, nació una rosa roja que el caballero cortó y regaló a la princesa.

What a romantic story! Isn’t it? I hope you’ve understood everything. If not, you have two options: learn Spanish reserving a free trial lesson via Skype on or wait until Friday the 24th to find a translation into English on our Facebook.

Which gift would you like the most on this day? The rose or the book? Leave a comment and tell us why.