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Tips to Speak Spanish during Summer

Our students on Spanishviaskype.com ask us for tips to speak Spanish during summer. How can I improve my Spanish speaking skills if I travel to Spain on holidays? Well, the answer might seem simple: mix yourself with locals and just speak Spanish. Actually, this is not always so easy to accomplish. Either for our [...]

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El final del verano (B1)

This time of the year is one of the saddest for many people because summer is coming to an end. A very famous musical duet in Spain were “El dúo dinámico”. They used to sing a popular song entitled “El final del verano” (The end of summer). These days you can see families who are [...]

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Vamos a tomar algo

Summer is here and summer in Spain means calor (heat). We’re suffering temperatures above 40 °C in some parts of the country. Under these circumstances, what’s the best plan for such a sizzling evening? In my opinión, ir a tomar algo (to go for a drink) is a good option. Spanish squares and avenues are [...]

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