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FAQ: letter ‘eñe’, future subjunctive and negative imperative

A Spanish proverb says “la curiosidad mató al gato”; nevertheless, what would have happened to humankind without curiosity? We might not have discovered the fire, the wheel, the uses of steam or even, Internet. The fact is that our students at Spanishviaskype.com, often ask questions, based on their curiosity, mostly. [...]

Indicative vs subjunctive: 4 uses that will drive you crazy

If we did a survey about what is the hardest topic for our students at Spanishviaskype.com, we’re sure that they would answer ‘the subjunctive mode’. During these years, we’ve analysed many uses of subjunctive from a functional point of view: how to express wishes, opinions, probabilities…, but also giving syntactic [...]

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8 different ways to use ‘cuando’

There are some Spanish words that exasperate our students at Spanishviaskype. Some of them are impossible to be pronounced (aéreo), others are false friends (actualmente), but the word we bring you here today goes beyond their patience. We have a very complex verbal system that allows us to mold the [...]

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Practica cantando (B2)

¿Te resulta difícil la pronunciación en español? ¿Encuentras difícil la entonación? ¿No consigues que tu español suene natural? ¿Por qué no pruebas con canciones? Puedes cantar en la ducha, por la calle, con tus amigos en el karaoke, pero ¡canta! No creas que estamos de broma, es una de las mejores maneras de aprender a [...]

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¡Qué injusto! (B1)

New year, same problems. We’ve started a new year and our resolutions are still intact, but problems usually remain too. That’s the case we have in Spain. After some weeks of “siesta política” (political nap), citizens can read again about corruption, threats of Independence in some regions, domestic violence… There is a popular Spanish saying [...]

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Halloween me da miedo (B1)

Ten days to go; ten days to see the streets full of ghosts, vampires and witches worlwide. The feast of Halloween, la víspera del Día de todos los Santos (the eve of All Hallow’s Day), on 31st of October, is close and we’re ready to pasar miedo (to be scared). Even though it’s not a [...]

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“The subjunctive is the most difficult part of learning Spanish”

Around 40% of our Spanish students are Russians. They love Spain and its culture and they really want to learn our language. Russians like so much Don Quixote (I guess because he has many things in common with Russian culture, focused on trying to change the world in an idealistic way). Anna Vakhrusheva is one of them. She’s been studying [...]