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The pleasure of speaking and eating (B2)

Spanish language and gastronomy will be mixed as two of the most important ingredients in Spanish culture. Juan Manuel Bonet, director of the Cervantes Institute (IC), and Rafael Ansón, president of the Royal Spanish Academy of Gastronomy (RAEG), signed an agreement to work together for promoting Spanish culture. Among the activities they might organize would [...]

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Elecciones generales (B1)

Time is over. Next Sunday the 20th, Spaniards will put an end to an exciting political year. The Spanish general election to the Congress and the Senate will be held and a huge change in the history of Spain may happen. For about 33 years, only two parties have been able to form a goverment: [...]

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14 false friends English-Spanish you don’t want to miss

Learning Spanish vocabulary can seem so easy for English speakers, but these two languages have thousands of false friends (falsos amigos), word pairs that look like they might mean the same thing, but don’t. You have to be careful because if you use them in speech or writing you’re likely to be misunderstood. Many of our [...]

El 8% del vocabulario español procede del árabe (B1)

España estuvo ocupada durante ocho siglos por los árabes y eso se nota en nuestra lengua, que contiene unos 10.000 arabismos, el 8% de nuestro vocabulario (Spain was occupied by the Arabs for eight centuries, a fact that explains the deep Arabic influence on Spanish; in fact, our language contains 10,000 Arabisms, 8% of Spanish vocabulary). […]