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When do we use “al + infinitive”? (B1)

Some of our Spanish students have doubts about when they have to use “al + infinitive” in Spanish, so today we’ll go over this issue. First of all, you need to know that in this case “al” is not the contraction of “a + el” but rather an indicator of action in progress (normally in [...]

How do we use the verb ‘quedar’?

Many of our students get confused when they hear the verb ‘quedar’ because it has many different meanings depending on the context. That’s why two years ago we wrote this post about this issue. Now, we have decided to go over it again, explaining the most common ways ‘quedar’ can be used in everyday conversation, so please [...]

“En China cada vez demandan más profesionales bilingües en español”

Trade ties between Spain and China have grown considerably over the last 15 years and that’s the reason why the demand for Spanish language tuition in China has increased 30% over this period. Around 40,000 students are enrolled in Spanish teaching courses in China. Qiaoxi Chen is one of our students. She lives in Madrid. Do you want [...]

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