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Trump and the Spanish language

"Stay tuned as we continue to update" is the message Internet users get when trying to access since January 20th, when Trump administration decided to bring down the Spanish-language side of the White House website.The new government has posted just 2 tuits on its account on Twitter (Spanish version) @LaCasaBlanca and its Facebook (Spanish version) page doesn't exist [...]

Why the Spanish language is so popular?

Learning Spanish is a good choice, particularly because the US and Canada are in the same hemisphere and do business with many Latin American countries. In fact, as a romance language, Spanish can open the door to communicating with millions of other people who speak one of the other romance languages. Such common understandings can [...]

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10 reasons to learn Spanish

Are you thinking about learning Spanish but you are not 100% sure? One of the things you want to consider when deciding to learn a foreign language is: will this language be useful? In the case of Spanish this is definitely true. Keep reading and you will find out another 9 reasons to learn Spanish. [...]

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