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Tabúes sexuales (C1)

I’ve been always fascinated by human’s ability to conceal natural things because of morality, ethics, religion or complexes. It’s very funny when babies start learning to talk and suddenly they say: “pito, culo, caca…” (penis, butt, crap) and their blushed parents tell them off, due to their embarrassment. All of these (rude?) words are called [...]

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Tacos (I): Sex Mex

Taco. What do our students on www.spanishviaskype.com think when they hear this word? Rica comida mexicana (delicious Mexican food). And they’re right. Mexico has put its own word in the “world wide dictionary”, that vocabulary list that everybody recognizes even though they don’t know about its origin. Taco is a Mexican dish made of a [...]

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En primavera, la sangre altera (B1)

 La primavera (Spring) is here and as we say in Spain, la sangre altera (Spring heats your blood). Nature undergoes a lot of changes. Trees blossom in the forests; roses flower in the gardens and daisies bloom in the meadows. However, these are just the good changes; there are also plenty of weather disturbances in [...]

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Los cinco sentidos I: Tocar (B2)

When we try to explain how animals relate to the enviroment, we have to resort to the well-known five senses: la vista (sight), el oído (hearing), el gusto (taste), el olfato (smell) and el tacto (touch). These five pillars in our lives are only appreciated when they are lacking. They are so important that languages [...]

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Viento en popa (B1)

Since human beings settled Earth, we’ve try to imitate other animal’s abilities, we weren’t born with. We sail the oceans, we fly the sky… and it seems there is no goal we cannot reach. Crossing the oceans, we discovered new lands and we’ve written the most important pages in History. Navigation has become not only [...]

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Wake up! Pay attention! (B1)

When we read this post’s tittle, who doesn’t remember that time when a teacher shouted: Are you in the clouds? Don’t be so hard with us, dreamers who like to escape from reality and need to think in different places where we are, because, to be honest, reality is often boring. So, if you are [...]

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¿Cuántas te han quedado? (B1)

We’re in summer now and it’s time to forget books, teachers, notes and exams. The sea, the mountains or large avenues of great cities will replace them in students’ thoughts. However, sooner or later, an inopportune friend or relative will ask you this feared question: ¿Cuántas te han quedado? (How many subjects have you failed?). [...]

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