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Sharing the world and words (I) (B1)

Spain is within a period of upheaval. Historical arguments about autonomy and Independence mark the current political discussions you can hear in the Congress, in a bar or at home. Cataluña (Catalunya in catalan language, Catalonia in English) has tried to get more competencies from the State, such as health services, economy, security corps… Nevertheless, [...]

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How do we use the verb ‘quedar’?

Many of our students get confused when they hear the verb ‘quedar’ because it has many different meanings depending on the context. That’s why two years ago we wrote this post about this issue. Now, we have decided to go over it again, explaining the most common ways ‘quedar’ can be used in everyday conversation, so please [...]

Reflexive verbs (III): Quedar or quedarse (B1)

Previously on this blog: “Comer or comerse” and “Ir or irse”… The series continue and here we go again, struggling to deal with the “se” problem. The addiction of this reflexive pronoun sometimes provide the verb with a little change of meaning, as in the previous examples (ir and comer), but in other instances, the [...]