La política: el arte del debate (B2)

Many things are at stake at this moment; not only in the USA but worldwide. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are living their last minutes as USA presidential candidates, and just one of them will live in the White House for the next four years. However, they had to fight each other, felony accusations and [...]

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Sorpasso: the word of the year (B1)

As we informed our students and readers on www.spanishviaskype.com, last Sunday we had the second national election in just six months. The campaign has been less hard than the previous one, but the most used word during these days was the italian sorpasso. Sorpasso is an overtaking, literally, when a car passes another one unexpectedly. [...]

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Elecciones generales (B1)

Time is over. Next Sunday the 20th, Spaniards will put an end to an exciting political year. The Spanish general election to the Congress and the Senate will be held and a huge change in the history of Spain may happen. For about 33 years, only two parties have been able to form a goverment: [...]

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