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La cuesta de enero (B2)

Time of excess is over, Christmas is finished and we have to go back to reality. Many of us have spent much money in food, parties or presents for the kids. Now it’s time to save money, lose weight and recover our calm. That’s why we call this period of [...]

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¡Feliz año nuevo 2015!

Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve), the last night of the year is here and it’s time to celebrate it. Many events have happened during this year. Some of them will pass to Spanish history, like the proclamation of Felipe VI as the new king of Spain. Tonight most of Spaniards are having dinner with their families, [...]

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Let there be light! (B2)

December is here and Christmas is coming. We’re already wearing our scarfs and gloves and ski lovers are preparing their equipment to start climbing Spanish mountains. A lot of people are in the streets, with shopping bags hanging from their hands; shop windows show Christmas trees, colourful garlands and nativity scenes. All of these is [...]

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