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Lengua y Guerra (B2)

Speaking properly, has been considered a value of education, status and even wealth. So, why do we have many examples of fights, arguments and even guerras (wars) along history? Certainly, a wrong polite set expression, an incorrect adaptation of our language register or an inappropriate use of a double meaning [...]

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Entre el cielo y el infierno (C1)

La Semana Santa (Easter)  is finished and we start the long way to summer holidays. There have been days of faith and prayers for some and a week of beaches or hiking for others; Seville  was crowded with believers, but Spanish coasts were full of tourists; la Semana Santa is one of the most expected [...]

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Which is the origin of Spanish?

Spanish originated on the Iberian Peninsula, although it wasn’t known as Spanish at the time. Toward the end of the sixth century before the common era (BCE), a nomadic tribe from central Europe known as the Celts moved into the area, and mixed with the peninsula’s inhabitants, the Iberians. The result was a new people [...]

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